Robotic Lawn Mower Accessories

A robotic lawn mower is an automated robot used to cut lawn grass. To use, the owner has to set a wire that will border the lawn that should be cut. The robot uses the wire to define the area it will trim. Most robots maintain an area of 320,000 square Ft of grass. Most of them are sophisticated and can sense human interaction or other natural changes like rain.

Below are some of the common accessories of robotic lawn mowers.

Shelter for robotic lawnmower

This shelter acts as a protection for robotic lawn mowers. It protects the mower from weather changes and UV radiation. It has a fold up lid that makes the robot easily accessible anytime. The shelter is installed over the robot’s charging station using screws.

Auto mower

The auto mower helps you to manage your robot with a single touch of the button. The auto mower has a schedule that allows you to set the cutting frequency of the robot and the area. Also, the auto mower has a Bluetooth connectivity that works up to 100 ft. It is guided by boundary wires which are hidden. This makes it able to maneuver around the yard all day long and return when it’s time for charging. You can run it at night and you will never have to disturb neighbors with fumes and noises any more. It works on all weather conditions and leaves the fine grass clippings to act as a fertilizer for your grass. With this accessory, you don’t have to use a rake or bag.

Boundary wire

The automatic lawnmower boundary wire is used to define the area that the robot will work on. It can be installed above the ground or buried in. For 25 Acres piece of land, you will need 5000 Ft of wire and 500 Ft for 1/3 of an acre. Unlike most gauge wires that come with the robots, such wires are durable and could last for up to 20 years. The wire has a polyethylene jacket that is resistant to UV rays. This makes it easy for robot owners to secure the wire above the ground and use staples to secure it. The mower ensures it does not touch any area not surrounded by the wire. Also, it is a low voltage wire and resistant to weather conditions like rain, dust and direct sunlight.


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