Is breakup affecting your eating habit?

When a couple announces that they are ending their relationship, the usual thing that follows is a flurry of eating frenzies. We all know how terrible it is to be at the center of someone else’s emotions, and wanting to eat right then is almost guaranteed. On top of that, there is usually an abundance of emotions: sadness, anger, fear, jealousy, lust, all of which are likely to make you overeat. So, a breakup positively can affect your eating habits. Some people can’t eat after breakup, while some people form a drastic eating habit.

In most cases, it is the emotional connection that is first triggered. The person breaking up with us has given us a great deal of support, love, and emotional sustenance; it is difficult not to give that same kind of care and emotional support in return.

However, this should not necessarily mean that we indulge in anything that tastes good. What you need to realize is that when you begin indulging, you are only giving your emotions free rein. Your mind is controlled by your emotions, so you really need to think about what you are doing. It is easy to let your emotions get the better of you and deviate from your rational thinking. This is usually when we slip into the old habits of overeating. Therefore, if you are experiencing is breakup affecting your eating, then it is probably because you have allowed your emotions to control you rather than your logical thinking.

When we eat, we are actually sending out hormones to our bodies. These hormones are needed to activate the appetite centers in our brain, making us want to eat. However, when our hormones are sent out without control, we may feel out of control and have our appetite take over, causing us to overindulge. This can be one of the reasons why we binge on things that we don’t particularly enjoy. This is when we realize that we have overstepped our boundaries and are now in dire need of help to put our bodies back in order.

As far as overeating is concerned, when we eat to trigger the release of hormones in our body, then the end result is that we do not feel full. We just fill up but do not like how we look. This is when we realize that something is wrong, and we realize that we have let go of our emotional connection with a certain person and are diverting our attention away from someone that really matters to us. This is why we usually overeat even when we are not currently in a relationship. We are still sending out the hormones that will activate the emotional connection in our body.

What can you do if you find out that you are affected by overeating after a breakup? The first thing that you should do is not to binge on food until you calm down. This is very easy to say, but it needs to be practiced in our daily lives. Just like what was stated before, we usually eat when we are excited or depressed, so make sure to keep your emotions in check when you are feeling sad or depressed.


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