What to Eat Before the SAT Exam?

Having a healthy meal is a mandatory thing before going to an exam, just like checking whether you’ve got everything with you or not. There are many of us who think going to the exam hall with a full tummy can harm your focus. But actually, you do need protein, carbs, and minerals for sheer brainstorming in exams like the SAT. So, what should I eat before the SAT exam?
Well, you should have your usual breakfast before the SAT exam. After that, you must ensure you’ve responded to the natural call and finished spending time in the toilet. Make sure you do not have any junk food, no matter how much cravings you have for those heavy items.
One thing you should remember is, the exam authorities won’t give you a break for having something to eat during the exam. So, you better finish your breakfast properly and don’t dare sit on the exam table with an empty stomach.

What to Eat Before SAT Exam? 5 Basic Facts

Here are the five key basics you need to remember when you’re having your breakfast on the day of the SAT exam.

  • Egg is the First Priority

You can have poached or boiled eggs, but not more than two, on your plate. Eggs help you gain a healthy amount of protein that boosts your energy and kills your hunger for quite some time. You can also have a glass of milk with an egg and bread if you don’t have any lactose intolerance issues.

  • Avoid Sugar and Fat

Sometimes when you overthink or handle any mental pressure, you start to sweat or fail to draw any conclusions due to the consumption of fat and sugar. These food items take time to digest. So, you’d feel your tummy full for quite some time. This could also be a reason for tensions in the exam hall.

  • A Little amount of Caffeine Might Do Good

Most students have the habit of having tea or coffee at least once a day. To reduce dizziness and exam stress, you can have a cup of coffee. It works quite well for an instant adrenaline rush in critical analysis. But remember, a high dosage of caffeine might affect you in other ways too.

What to Eat Before the SAT Exam

  • Over-Eating is not a Solution

Yes, we’ve already said that an empty stomach can be a cause of a “lack of concentration.” Any tutoring in San Mateo and from other states would also say the same in the final classes as the basic prep guide for students. Still, a heavy belly can never be a solution. Here’s a special tip, fill 2/3 of your stomach with food and water, and keep the rest empty so that you don’t feel uneasy sitting for several hours.

  • Don’t Forget to Take Snacks

Okay, so, you’d see many previous students bringing water bottles and dry snacks into the SAT or ACT examination centers. As you know, there are 5-minute breaks during the exam period for students. At that time, you can have some dry food like dates, dried fruits, peanut bars, etc. to regain strength. And, drink enough water to stay hydrated.


SAT is an exam that can open the path to studying your dream subject or discipline. So, it’s obvious that you’d feel nervous and won’t have the appetite to have any food. Even so, you should at least have a minimum amount of food so that your body can support you till the end of the exam hours.
Thus, don’t compromise your meal and eat enough to face the brainstorming with full confidence. And, stay positive about the exam no matter how your prep was.

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