Diet That Works For Addicts In Rehab


People suffering from addiction fall into the darkness of mental illness for a long time. Addiction recovery programs take place in all educational institutions with the most holistic approach. The 12 step program for mental illness has been helping students get out of their addiction faster.

As the recovery process takes months, it takes a toll on the patient’s health, which disables the functioning of medications in the body. During the recovery process, it is expected that the patients do not have any hunger, and their will to eat also vanishes. This is why, alongside medication, it is essential to follow a routine diet to help the patient get into healthier eating sooner than expected.

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Nutrition Intake During Addiction Recovery:

Although the nutrition intake for a recovering addict depends on the dietician, the average intake for a recovering addict includes 25% of proteins, 45% of carbohydrates, and 30% of fats. If this amount of nutrition is maintained, the damaged tissues can easily be replaced with new ones, and quicker cell regeneration will occur. In the case of alcohol addicts, 50% of the liver gets damaged due to overuse, but proper nutrition will help prevent the damage from happening.

Caffeine Reduction:

Caffeine is found in coffee and is a promising agent for waking people. However, it is better to reduce caffeine consumption to a minimum. This is because, during recovery time, caffeine intake can cause an imbalance in the digestive system of a human. If the dietician allows, you can easily replace regular coffee with decaffeinated coffee. If some sizzling beverage is all you want, you can switch to blooming tea, herbal tea, or green tea. The mint and clove tea will be the best choice for better digestive function.

Vitamin Supplements: Can They Be Consumed During Recovery?

Vitamin supplements during recovery should only be taken if the doctor allows it. To be precise, vitamin supplements help a lot in the alcohol recovery process. The best options will be from fruits and vegetables; however, tablets or capsules will work similarly. The vitamins that should be taken during recovery include vitamins B, C, and Zinc.

Farmers Fresh Products:

Nothing beats the nutrition or food that comes from nature. Vegetables, fruits, and whole grain meals contain fibers that detoxify all the toxic substances in the blood. Moreover, these natural foods contain antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties, which activate the blood circulation system in the body as well.


Decreasing sugar intake, consuming protein-rich food, and including lots of citrusy foods will help in a healthy recovery from addiction. Just ensure to follow all the instructions given by the program and strictly follow the diet given by the nutritionist; then, the process becomes quicker.


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